Peanuts are a good source of many important nutrients.
  • peanut butter.
  • peanut oil.
  • peanut flour
are used in a variety of sweet and savory dishes.
Type Peanuts in shell 40 - 50 grain / 100 gram
Peanuts without shell 100 – 115 grain / 100 gram
Humidity Max 16 %
Purity 99.99 %
Packing 25 – 50 KG or as per client’s request.
  • Peanuts may be eaten raw, boiled or roasted, either with or without salt.
  • Peanuts are a nutritionally dense food and are somewhat high in calories but the majority of this is heart-healthy.
  • It provide man with energy , proteins and fibers .
  • peanuts, in conjunction with a well balanced diet, may help man lose weight .
  • Peanuts are an excellent source of vitamin E ., boosts your immune system .
  • Peanuts also contain vitamins B2, B6 and choline, and they are a good source for phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper and manganese.
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